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Representation for Drug Charges: Why Hire a St. Paul Drug Crimes Lawyer

When you get charged for possession of drugs or something more serious, you’re placing your freedom on the line. The state of Minnesota takes drug crimes seriously, and, if you have a prior criminal record, your legal consequences could be more serious. Once arrested for a drug charge, you must wait for your first appearance… Read more »

A Guide to Getting Your License Reinstated After a DUI in St. Paul

St. Paul DUI Lawyers Getting your license reinstated after a DUI is a good feeling. You’re at the end of a process that hopefully left you a lot wiser, and more responsible on the road. A DUI or DWI arrest can be one of the most difficult times you have ever experienced, but you can regain… Read more »

How a St. Paul Slip and Fall Lawyer Can Help

Minnesota Slip & Fall Injury Attorneys When you slip and fall on a property or within a public area in St. Paul, Minnesota, your life can change in an instant. One outing to the mall could result in a severe fall with devastating injuries, pain and suffering, and disruption of your daily life. If you’re badly… Read more »

St Paul Car Accident Lawyer: What To Do In the Aftermath of an Accident

If you’ve been in a car accident, it’s very easy to become disoriented. Accidents can be frightening. You may be injured. But there are some steps you should take in the immediate aftermath of a car accident that are very important to your safety and well-being. It’s useful to know these steps now, so that if… Read more »

Who Can Bring a Wrongful Death Suit in St Paul Minnesota?

Minnesota Wrongful Death Attorneys As a society, we generally accept that illness and misadventure sometimes take a life before its time. However, when someone else was the cause of this tragedy and it could have been prevented, the law acknowledges that some amount of repayment is owed. Because the person’s life cannot be restored, that payment… Read more »

Hiring a St Paul DWI Lawyer Helps Protect Your Job

St. Paul Criminal Defense Lawyers One of the first things that crosses your mind after you get arrested for DWI in St. Paul is whether you will be able to save your job. There will be a period of time between when you get arrested and when you get your day in court. Some employers… Read more »

St. Paul Sex Crimes Lawyer: How a Pending Sex Charge Impacts Your Life

Minnesota Criminal Sexual Conduct Lawyers Being charged with a serious crime involving sexual activity is not something everyday citizens encounter. According to Minnesota Statute 609.342, a person could be found guilty of criminal sexual conduct in the first degree by having sexual penetration with another person or sexual contact with a person under 13 years… Read more »

What Should You Do If You Are Bit By a Dog?

The truth of the matter is that there are more than three hundred and fifty thousand dog bites that get treated in emergency rooms every year. These bites can be very serious. In fact, thirty-nine Americans were killed last year for this very reason. Most people panic when they are bitten by a dog. However, you need… Read more »

5 Ways an Accident Lawyer Can Help You after an Accident

St. Paul Accident Attorneys Working For You If you’ve recently been in an accident involving motor vehicles, whether cars, motorcycles, car/pedestrian, or another situation, you may be trying to determine whether you need an attorney. We strongly recommend you hire an attorney; here’s why: To handle the insurance company. Insurance companies are notoriously stubborn about… Read more »