"Highly Recommend"

      Ryan was very helpful with my case. Ended with an outcome better than expected. Highly recommend.

      Diego H.
      "Without hesitation, I recommend him; he was exactly the lawyer I needed."

      I asked Alex to represent me because of his knowledge of the Dakota County courts and familiarity with the city prosecutor. Using some photos/videos of the accident scene and the fact that I had been charged under the wrong statute, he prepared a presentation to the prosecutor requesting that the charges be dismissed. The prosecutor agreed the case was weak and offered a continuation for dismissal (CFD). It was a very reasonable and long-awaited outcome and ultimately removed from my record. Alex is very patient and great at answering questions. Without hesitation, I recommend him; he was exactly the lawyer I needed.

      Martha T.
      "He once again delived an outstanding performance"

      A couple years ago, our experience working with Ryan Grove left us impressed by his dedication and the positive results, successfully stopping a serious allegation from turning into a charge. Upon recently reaching out to Ryan again, he once again delived an outstanding performance. This time, he skillfully managed to have a charge dropped just as we were preparing for jury. Our entire family confidently recommends Ryan to anyone in need of a dedicated and trustworthy attorney. We trusted Ryan with matters that could have drastically affected our lives and we could not be happier with his guidance and outcome.

      Ericka R
      "Paul and Alex rock!"

      Professional. Thorough. Local. Respected. Sounds like an ad for them, but all true. Highly recommended.

      Skip S.
      "They prioritize your needs"

      They prioritize getting your needs met quickly and efficiently

      Chaz C.
      "Ryan is outstanding!"

      Ryan is outstanding!! He changed the outcome of my future for the better.

      "I would definitely recommend him to anyone!"

      Ryan was amazing! He paid attention to my concerns and handled everything so well and quick! My case ended up being solved before i had to go to court! I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

      Kasarra Adams
      "I would highly recommend using him"

      (Ryan Grove) was very helpful during my case. I was recommended to him from a family friend, said that he helped his daughter with her ticket. When I told him my case, he was very understanding & said that for my case (duty to drive with due care) with it being my first ever ticket, that he wouldn't recommend a lawyer and save my money & that where I live it would be hard to lower that ticket down to a misdemeanor. I understood that, but I didn't want to be put into that stressful situation with the courts & thinking that I might make it worse for myself or mess up, forget something. Too me paying the fee and not having to worry about it, was a huge weight off my shoulders. For my case we were able to come to a deal for a (continued for dismissal) for me, which is one of the best outcomes for me. With it not going on my recorded. So, I would highly recommend using him, he would tell if you acutely needed his services and not give you false promises.

      Alex “ABZofMN” Abler
      "He’s well known and respected in Dakota County and gets the job done"

      I’ve referred many friends and family members to Ryan Grove. He’s well known and respected in Dakota County and gets the job done. Nothing but high praises.

      Logan Kent
      "He really fights for you and he’s got your back"

      Rayan Grove is the man! He had my case dismissed even before court hearing. He really fights for you and he’s got your back. When he says he is good at talking to difficult people, he really means it. Better call Rayan!

      Natalie Yasama
      "Thank you Alex, and your entire team."

      My case involved a driving violation that could impact my FAA License. Alex leveraged his knowledge of the law, developed a winning strategy and leveraged the prosecutor for a verdict that was just. Alex handled the complications of my case all the while communicated with me to make sure my best interests came first.
      Thank you Alex, and your entire team.

      Frederick Francis
      "I'm a former client and a forever fan of their work."

      For those who want to be represented by knowledgeable, straightforward, efficient, and effective lawyers, your search starts and ends here. There is no better choice of counsel. If you need a lawyer, calling RR&A first is the right move. I know because I'm a former client and a forever fan of their work.

      "5 stars!!"

      These guys are the best!

      "He truly is here to help."

      I recommend Alex Rogosheske for all your civil, criminal, and finical law inquiries and needs for representation. He is an extremely professional lawyer and you will notice it right away. He has represented me without judgment. He truly is here to help. No matter the scenario.

      Previous Client
      "What an incredible lawyer. Ryan is the man!"

      What an incredible lawyer. Ryan is the man! He went way beyond my expectations and delivered. I wouldn't look anywhere else! If you want to be adequately represented, then call them now. My case got dismissed, and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome.

      Previous Client
      "We ended up getting my whole case dismissed!"

      Ryan Grove was an amazing defense attorney. He made me feel confident and secure during the whole case. He is very knowledgeable and hard-working. He really fought for me and we ended up getting my whole case dismissed before we even went to court! I have and will continue to recommend Ryan! Thanks again Ryan you're the best!

      "Ryan Grove is an exceptional attorney!"

      Ryan Grove is an exceptional attorney, he had my case dismissed from possible extreme hard times to none. I would highly recommend him and the Rogosheke, Rogosheske & Atkins office to anyone who needs help with their court cases.

      "I knew shortly into our initial meeting that I was going to hire him."

      I knew shortly into our initial meeting that I was going to hire him. He took our case and won for us. He convinced the prosecutor and judge that these were false allegations and stopped any further action. Ryan Grove is competent and confident.

      "10/10 would recommend!"

      Ryan is the man to get the job done. 10/10!

      "Extremely professional, fast, and efficient!"

      I have worked with Alex a few times now. He has always been extremely professional, fast, and efficient! If I ever need his services again I will not hesitate to give him a call. I have recommended him to my family and friends!

      "I personally had a great experience and would recommend Rogosheske to anyone."

      I would recommend Rogosheske, I was very impressed with my case. He goes above and beyond for you, I personally had a great experience and would recommend Rogosheske to anyone.

      "His honest, caring, attentive attitude put my mind at ease during uncertain circumstances."

      I highly recommend choosing Ryan for representation, you will not be disappointed. It has truly been a blessing working with him. From our first phone conversation to our final meeting, he was clearly on my side and there for me every step of the way. His honest, caring, attentive attitude put my mind at ease during uncertain circumstances. Ryan worked wholeheartedly to straighten out my situation.

      "I would highly recommend his representation!"

      After being charged with a 4th degree DWI earlier this summer, I was left bewildered as to what came next. I had never had a charge like it prior, but it was for lack of a better word-bad. I immediately sought out advice by posting an online summary of my situation.

      Attorney Ryan Grove almost immediately contacted me. I was extremely worried, but his initial consultation was alleviating from the get-go. I knew right away he was who I wanted to represent me through this. Ryan was extremely responsive and concise about his handling of my case allowing me to go about my daily life without too much stress. Ultimately, Ryan was able to get the severity of my charges greatly reduced and allowed me to retain my freedom. Although I had to plea guilty to my charge, I know without Ryan's help it would be a much worse situation all in all. I would highly recommend his representation for anyone facing similar circumstances. His professionalism is absolute.

      "Thorough, Communicative, and Detailed"

      I am a professional who was contracted to work with Alex Rogosheske on a criminal case. We worked on this case for over a year and I was able to witness the professional and effective way in which he represented our mutual client. I was extremely impressed with how thorough, communicative, and detailed he was in every aspect of his representation. I would gladly work with him again and recommend him to others in need of legal services.

      "My case got DISMISSED!"

      I am so grateful for Alex's passion, dedication and professionalism. He was able to get my case DISMISSED. Alex is truly the Best! Thank you so much.

      "Thank you, Alex!"

      Alex was a tremendous help when our family needed him. We were able to hand over all the information to him and he ran with it. Completed everything in a quick and proficient manner. Our situation had a very short timeframe and his attention to detail was so helpful to make sure everything was correct. He went above and beyond I cannot recommend him enough when you are in need of legal services. Thank you, Alex!

      "Saved me so much time and money!"

      Ryan Grove was outstanding during my time with working with him. I was convinced I was going to be stuck with my record forever but he got the prosecutor and judge to agree to expunge without even having to have a hearing. This saved me so much time and money and I’m so happy I went with Ryan to defend me!

      "I would definitely recommend these guys!"

      I worked with Ryan in efforts to get my record expunged. It was a long and tedious process. This was especially true considering we were doing this during the peak of COVID-19 and almost everyone was working remotely or not in the office. Ryan provide updates regularly, made sure I understood the process. Any time I had a question, Ryan made sure to explain the legal terms in a way that I could understand. If you’re in need of help with any legal matters I would definitely recommend these guys!

      "Ryan Grove restored the life that I thought I was going to lose."

      Ryan Grove restored the life that I thought I was going to lose. Ryan is an incredible attorney and the best legal representation you can ask for. I had a very complicated DWI case that seemed impossible to win with a lot at stake. If convicted I was going to lose my legal status in the country and lose everything I had worked for, for me and my family. Ryan was able to get all my DWI charges dismissed and brought down to a careless driving conviction which seemed impossible at the time. No words can ever describe how thankful I am of the legal representation I got from Ryan and get the BEST possible outcome for my case. Many people don't get a second chance at correcting their mistakes, but Ryan Grove made sure I did, and all I can say is. . .Thank you!!!

      "Very Helpful and Always a Quick Call Away"

      Ryan Grove did an amazing job getting my case dismissed he was very helpful and always a quick call away when I needed him.

      "Ryan will give you sound advice & be there when you need him most."

      Ryan will give you sound advice & be there when you need him most. Ryan's knowledge of the legal system was paramount in getting the charges against me dismissed. Thank you!

      "Keep it up guys!"

      Great firm! Alex helped me out and did an exceptional job. This what you call real professionalism. Keep it up guys!

      "I most definitely would recommend him to every and anyone!!"

      I was involved in an unbelievable situation. It was very unexpected and a variety of emotions were going through my head, so I looked up lawyers to help me out and I came across the name of Rogosheske, Rogosheske & Atkins, PLLC. Immediately after calling the office, Ryan took our case without hesitation. I have never been in any situation where I needed a lawyer and I was very overwhelmed about the whole thing. I'm not from around here, but Ryan helped us every step of the way and put me at ease. He gave excellent legal advice and reassured us everything would be ok. I trusted him instantly and knew our case was in good hands. Thank you so much, Ryan!! :)

      "Alex is a bright, tough, compassionate young attorney."

      Alex is a bright, tough, compassionate young attorney…but don’t let his smile fool you. He knows the law, he knows people, he knows how to get the job done right. I am proud to know him and recommend his without reservation.

      Dr. Patrick Cronin
      "They have successfully handled difficult charges and complex legal issues."

      I have referred several clients to Alex and Rogosheske, Rogosheske & Atkins, PLLC and will continue to do so without hesitation. They have successfully handled difficult charges, complex legal issues, and always while taking the time to explain to the client what is happening in their case. I am fully confident in Alex’s and Paul’s abilities in obtaining great results for the clients that I have referred to them.

      Brandon M. Schwartz, ESQ.
      "A true hero in our eyes!!"

      Attorney Ryan Grove made a difficult situation seem easy. My nursing job was on the line due to false accusations and he stood by me until it was over and proved wrong. I will recommend him to anyone who is in need. A true hero in our eyes!! Thank you Rogosheske, Rogosheske & Atkins, PLLC.