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Why You Need To Hire A St Paul Criminal Defense Lawyer

When an individual finds themselves charged with a criminal offense, a St Paul criminal defense lawyer is able to provide them with the assistance that they need. While every jurisdiction may have its own unique practices, meeting with the proper defense lawyer will allow you to learn more. Even public defenders can provide the sort… Read more »

Emotions that Occur After a Car Accident

Getting into a car accident can be one of the scariest things that may ever happen to you. Whether you caused it or not, you may be dealing with a lot in the weeks following your accident. You will probably end up dealing with the insurance company as you try to fix your car or… Read more »

What to Do When Arrested for a Drug Crime in St Paul

Being arrested for a drug crime can be one of the scariest experiences anyone can go through. Time and time again we have seen legal dramas on television and heart horror stories in the news about what happens to people who are arrested and charged with drug crimes. Whether it’s a small recreational amount of… Read more »

What is a Wrongful Death?

Basically, wrongful death is when another person’s actions cause the death of another person. This is usually due to negligence or even the misconduct of another person. Though they may not mean to cause harm to someone that leads to death, they need to learn that their actions do have consequences, which is why a… Read more »

St. Paul Drug Crimes Lawyer Explains Resurrected Meth Problem

Meth problems are not just a big city issue. A growing number of people who live in rural Minnesota face charges related to methamphetamine. According to a piece by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, meth is the drug of choice for rural Minnesota with a record-high amount of drugs seized. With Minnesota’s Violence Crime Enforcement Team… Read more »

More Reasons You Need a Lawyer For A Drug Crime

You might try to save money and not hire a lawyer if you have been accused of a drug crime. You don’t think that it is serious enough to have to hire a lawyer. Instead, you want to try to fight your own legal battles. This is not the best move that you can make…. Read more »

Reasons You Need a Lawyer For A Drug Crime

When accused of drug crimes, many people try to save money because they don’t feel like the charges are very serious. Instead of hiring a lawyer, they think that they can fight their own legal battles. However, that is not the smartest move. Here are some reasons why you have to hire a lawyer if… Read more »

What To Do If You are Hit by a Car

Many people walk and bike around their neighborhoods and city streets. While this is mostly safe, there are times when pedestrians and bicyclists can be hit by a car or another vehicle. Even though it is really scary, it is important that you try to remain calm and not panic. Here are some things that… Read more »

Aggravated Robbery: Brandishing Fake Weapons and Pellet Guns

If you brandish a weapon during a robbery, expect a serious charge even if the “weapon” used in a crime was not a real gun. A growing number of average people in desperate situations plead guilty to aggravated robbery charges because of underlying problems or addictions. With the growing pain killer addiction epidemic, people who… Read more »