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What To Do If You are Hit by a Car

Many people walk and bike around their neighborhoods and city streets. While this is mostly safe, there are times when pedestrians and bicyclists can be hit by a car or another vehicle. Even though it is really scary, it is important that you try to remain calm and not panic. Here are some things that… Read more »

Aggravated Robbery: Brandishing Fake Weapons and Pellet Guns

If you brandish a weapon during a robbery, expect a serious charge even if the “weapon” used in a crime was not a real gun. A growing number of average people in desperate situations plead guilty to aggravated robbery charges because of underlying problems or addictions. With the growing pain killer addiction epidemic, people who… Read more »

Five Ways to Get Ready for Your Day in Criminal Court

If you are facing criminal charges, you might be overwhelmed with your present situation. It is still important and worth your while to focus some of your time on getting ready for your day in court. Luckily, there are a few defined things you can do to help you present yourself to the judge in… Read more »

What Ex-Lovers Need to Know About Minnesota’s Revenge Porn Law

There are a number of times throughout every state’s history where the law failed to keep up with the changing world. In 2016, Minnesota recognized this when the Minnesota Court of Appeals deemed that prosecuting revenge pornography under the state’s criminal defamation statute was unconstitutional. Recognizing a flaw in the system for a crime that… Read more »

How Likely Is It That a Personal Injury Case Will Go to Court?

Nobody really wants to go to court, sometimes even if it means getting a pretty big payout. However, many believe that if they file a personal injury suit against a person or a company, it will naturally land them in the courtroom and mean endless months of court dates and lawyer fees. However, the truth… Read more »

Supporting a Spouse that has been Charged With a DWI

Having a spouse go through the process of being charged with a DWI can be both upsetting and stressful. While you might be angry at your spouse for the fallout to come or for making a bad decision that could impact your family, they might need your support and resources now more than ever. Here… Read more »

Who Is Liable for School Violence?

Until an incident gets thrown in our face like Sandy Hook or the Parkland shooting, we like to pretend that schools are the safest places in the world for our children. While that should be true even in an imperfect world, school violence happens. It need not even be on the scale of a school… Read more »

St. Paul Dog Bite Lawyers

Bitten by a Dog? Why Do You Need a Lawyer? Unfortunately, thousands of people are bitten by dogs every year. These bites can cause a lot of damage, both physically and financially. Because of this, the person who gets bitten has a right to see a lawyer. When you get bit, you need to get… Read more »

The Truth About Driving While Intoxicated

You had a great time at the party. But, you have work in the morning and need to get home. You can touch your nose and walk in a straight line, so you should be OK right? You really don’t want to spend more on a cab. So, you might as well drive home. One… Read more »