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How a St. Paul Slip and Fall Lawyer Can Help

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Minnesota Slip & Fall Injury Attorneys

When you slip and fall on a property or within a public area in St. Paul, Minnesota, your life can change in an instant. One outing to the mall could result in a severe fall with devastating injuries, pain and suffering, and disruption of your daily life. If you’re badly hurt, you can’t recover quickly enough from the trauma and could miss many days of work. As the medical bills grow and your family worries, you can’t reassure them that life will ever be the same.

Slip-and-Fall Claims Are Serious Business

Negligent business owners who don’t fix damaged walkways and floors can cause permanent injuries to their victims. While some local business owners may carry insurance, others may not. We believe that private property owners and public facility operators should pay for carelessness that results in preventable falls. However, victims must prove their injuries were another party’s fault and why they deserve compensation from the insurance company.

Don’t Delay

Minnesota tort legislation provides slip and fall victims with the right to seek damages, but you may have to convince a jury of your peers, not just the insurance company. In general, you have two years within which to file your slip-and-fall claim. If the defendant that caused your injuries was a state or local entity, you may have less time. Ask an attorney to advise you on the statute of limitations in your case.

Property Owner Negligence Causes Harm

Slip-and-fall incidents can cause victims to sustain spinal injuries, traumatic brain injuries, hip, arm, leg, and neck fractures, paralysis, loss of movement, and even death. A fall could send an elderly patient to a rehab facility or a nursing home, and then he or she could die from other complications. You, your spouse, parent, or child might never recover from these serious injuries, and you deserve justice.

Why Hire a Slip-and-Fall Lawyer

If you’re hurt in a slip-and-fall accident, we can answer questions like these and determine if you need legal representation:

  • How will you pay the medical bills?
  • How will you recover earnings?
  • How will you recover damages for pain and suffering?
  • How will you cover the cost of a lawyer?

At Rogosheske, Rogosheske, & Atkins, we are passionate about seeking justice for injured victims who must navigate the civil courts. Your potential claim is not a matter to postpone or to try and resolve alone. It’s hard for the defendant’s insurance company to take a claim seriously without compelling evidence that a lawyer prepares on your behalf. There are no guarantees that you will recover damages in any accident.

Understanding the Process

Immediately after the fall, it’s not clear how much the unfortunate accident will impact your future. Long after your body attains maximum medical improvement, you will feel the financial impact and have to make physical adjustments to your life. We’ve helped many victims investigate their accident, build a case against the property owner, and convince the insurance company to resolve the claim.

How to Recover Damages

When we help clients seek damages for car crashes, these are common damages we typically include in our demand letter to the at-fault insurance company:

  • Medical bills.
  • Lost wages.
  • Prescription expenses.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Legal fees and costs.
  • Punitive damages (i.e. awarded when a jury determines the defendant’s insurance company committed gross negligence or acted in bad faith).

Establishing Responsibility for the Claim

Getting hurt and recovering damages won’t erase your pain, but hiring a lawyer can help you to hold the defendant accountable under Minnesota law. Common causes of slip-and-fall cases are:

  • Uneven landing and walkways
  • Cracked, broken, chipped, or warped floor tiles
  • Gaps between types of flooring, such as transitions from tile floors to carpets
  • Lack of railings or broken railings
  • Poor lighting
  • Slick floors
  • Spills that are not blocked off or cleaned up in public areas
  • Broken or missing steps

Hiring Experienced Lawyers Counts

When you’ve been hurt in a slip-and-fall accident, hire a firm with considerable financial resources and real trial experience. We are based in St. Paul and are committed to helping clients attain larger settlements or jury awards by fully investigating each claim and choosing the right experts to testify about what occurred on the date of loss. Most injury cases will be resolved before going to court. Because of the specialized nature of accident cases, which may involve premises liability, hire a legal team that’s prepared to fight the insurance companies.

Paying a Lawyer for Personal Injury Representation

Victims of serious accidents in St. Paul typically lack the resources to pay for legal services. Our lawyers use the contingency fee arrangement to represent new clients, which includes recovering fees and costs from any award obtained on a client’s behalf. You only pay if we win your case. We will gladly explain our fee structure as we review each case on its own merits. For your free consultation, please contact us today.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this page does not constitute an attorney client relationship. Be sure to contact our law office to discuss your case with an attorney.