Hiring a ST Paul Dwi Lawyer Helps Protect Your Job

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One of the first things that cross your mind after you get arrested for DWI in St. Paul is whether you will be able to save your job.

There will be a period of time between when you get arrested and when you get your day in court. Some employers such as public school districts have a policy that requires employers to self-report their superiors in the event they are arrested.

However, your options are limited while you are waiting to see a judge. Such self-reports usually must occur within a certain time frame. However, just because you’ve been arrested does not mean you will be suspended or terminated from your position.

Consulting a qualified defense attorney is the quickest way to understand your legal rights and how a DWI charge might affect your job.

Understanding the Facts About DWI Arrests

What happens to your job really depends on how your arrest affects your work environment.

What’s more, the specific nature of the charges may not have an impact on anyone else in your workplace, except in cases where there’s a domestic dispute involving a family member who is working in the same facility. If the charge is DWI and you do not operate a vehicle as part of your core job duties, then your employer may not take action.

The employer may be more concerned that you’re going to report to work on time and to continue performing your job. The employer might also consider the rest of your work record and how a conviction will impact its reputation.

Also, your employer may have policies in place that will get you expert help (i.e. employee assistance programs, legal services, and rehabilitation for substance abuse problems). If you hire an attorney, you get someone to handle legal matters for you in ways that protect your future in the workplace. Some cases are also more complex, such as when the defendant has immigration issues.

Arrests Are Not Convictions

Another thing you quickly learn when you consult a DWI attorney in Saint Paul is that certain questions are not allowed to be asked by your future employers. If you’re arrested for DWI and then acquitted or the case is dismissed, you’re not guilty of a crime.

You might not have to disclose an arrest. A major advantage of hiring a private defense attorney is that you will be increasing the chances of finding problems with the prosecutor’s case against you. An experienced attorney can advise during each step of the legal process on how to minimize the effects of criminal charges on you and your family.

Your economic stability could be positively or negatively impacted by your decision of whether to hire legal counsel or to accept representation from a public defender, which is subject to appointment by the court.

Get Representation ASAP

The worst thing that you can do after you’ve been arrested for DWI in the state of Minnesota is to delay hiring legal representation.

The hours and days after your arrest are crucial because your attorney needs time to meet with you and to review the evidence that the prosecution is collecting to substantiate the charge. Also, your charge may be complicated by other factors such as being wanted for a prior charge in another state, failure to pay child support, being in possession of a firearm or an illegal substance, or because you were driving without a license.

No DWI case is open and shut unless you give a full confession to the authorities, which shouldn’t happen if you have an attorney working on your case.

We want to help you secure the best possible outcome and look forward to reviewing your DWI case. For more information, please contact us today.

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