St. Paul Sex Crimes Lawyer: How A Pending Sex Charge Impacts Your Life

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Minnesota Criminal Sexual Conduct Lawyers

Being charged with a serious crime involving sexual activity is not something everyday citizens encounter. According to Minnesota Statute 609.342, a person could be found guilty of criminal sexual conduct in the first degree by having sexual penetration with another person or sexual contact with a person under 13 years of age.

There are nine different situations in this statute for which this crime might be relevant. This is not something you want to handle alone. If you were brought up on this charge, you want a qualified attorney to represent you in the justice system.

You should ensure that your case does not result in yourself being classified as a sex offender once the matter is resolved. This is a potential outcome for criminal sexual conduct.

The Devil's in the Details

We are passionate defenders of the accused in the state of Minnesota, believing that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Without our kind of legal services, the justice system could result in innocent people being placed behind bars and, in some cases, being executed by governments without checks and balances. There are several factors that affect the severity of a criminal sexual conduct charge.

1. The age difference between you and the victim. Your age compared to the alleged victim’s age will matter under Minnesota law, especially in the event that he or she was a minor under 16 years of age at the time of the event.

2. The presence of the element of fear. If you engaged in a sexual act in which the alleged victim felt in fear of imminent bodily harm and/or if you had a dangerous weapon or article on your person at the time of the event, then you could be facing first degree charges.

3. The presence of bodily harm. Whether or not you actually caused a personal injury to the victim, the presence of bodily harm is a mitigating factor.

Other factors include the presence of coercion, being aided or abetted by another individual or individuals in the commitment of the sexual activity, and whether the victim was mentally impaired at the time of the event. The law also considers whether the victim was abused over multiple times. The law does not care if you were confused about how old the victim was or if the victim consented to the sexual act.

Get Help Today

As you can see from the details outlined above, criminal sexual conduct is not something for which you should risk self-representation at trial. The state, including the prosecuting attorney and the law enforcement agencies, will not hesitate to prepare evidence against you and to push for the maximum incarceration time and financial penalties.

These arms of the legal system are dedicated to finding justice for victims of criminal sexual conduct, and they expect to you to pay for the crime of which you might be convicted. We operate from the opposite side of the legal system, holding judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials to the letter of the law.

We help you mount a proper defense, everything from reviewing how your arrest and detention were handled to deposing victims and witnesses, when appropriate.

When you hire our law firm, you get legal experts who have taken similar cases to trial. We will stop at nothing to build your case and to refute the state’s evidence. This takes time and requires your full cooperation. If you’re currently sitting behind bars and worried how you will resolve this predicament, we can help.

Rest assured that your legal fees will be well-invested when you secure our representation. Our licensed and experienced attorneys are proud to discuss their qualifications and experience with you and your immediate family members.

How We Help You Understand This Criminal Charge

Criminal sexual conduct is a conviction that could stick with you for the rest of your life. It can change how other people perceive you. You could be ostracized by family members and friends. You could be discouraged from participating in social organizations and worship services where you once felt welcomed.

This happens because people make assumptions and don’t listen to your side of the story. We want to help you build a proper defense so you can avoid problems such as finding employment, securing rental housing or purchasing a property in a private community, and having to provide notice to the residents in your neighborhood with children of your record.

Becoming a registered sex offender carries a social stigma with it that you can never change.

Don't Leave the Future to Chance

Our legal team is aware of the potential legal, social, and economic repercussions that affect convicted sex crime offenders. Some of these repercussions are not wholly fair or legal and may violate an offender’s civil rights once restored by the state of Minnesota.

If you get convicted, it will be too late to consider the effects on your future. Of course, you have the right to appeal a conviction, but there’s no guarantee that such legal action will be successful.

We make it easier for you to choose whether our law firm is right for your circumstances by offering a free consultation. Speaking with an attorney but not signing any paperwork for representation means that you’re under no obligation to hire our firm.

For more details on building a defense for this type of charge in Minnesota, we invite you or your spouse to contact us today.

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