What to Do If You Are Hit by a Car

Many people walk and bike around their neighborhoods and city streets. While this is mostly safe, there are times when pedestrians and bicyclists can be hit by a car or another vehicle. Even though it is really scary, it is important that you try to remain calm and not panic.

Here are some things that you need to do if you are hit by a car.

It is important to get to a safer location. Most of the time, this simply means that if you are able to get up and move, get out of the road or out of the middle of the pavement.

Always do your best to stay calm. It never helps to let your anger and fury out, even if you have been hit by a car. Instead, take deep breaths and try to remain calm.

Even if you feel fine, don’t let the driver leave. Many people just get up, look around, and let the driver leave. However, that is not a smart move. What happens if you find out later that you broke something? So, remain calm and ask the driver to wait for the cops with you.

Make sure any witnesses stay too. The police are going to want to talk to any witnesses that saw the accident so you need to make sure that everyone stays at the scene of the accident.

If it was a hit and run, try to get the license plate of the car. If not, try to remember the make, model, and color if you can. If you are able, try to take a picture.

Call the police right away. Though many people wait until they get home and are calmer, you need to call the police right away. If you do, you may not be able to file a report because you waited too long.

Make sure that you get the driver’s information. While you are waiting for the police, you should get the driver’s information. You want the information on their driver’s license, as well as their insurance information.

Pictures can also be quite helpful. Before everything is cleaned up, you need to take pictures. You want to get as much of the accident scene as possible, including you, your bike, and the car. Take pictures of the area, including any stop signs or traffic lights. Street signs can be helpful too.

Cooperate with the police. Once the police get there, make sure that you get a chance to talk to them about the accident. If you are taken away to the hospital before the police get there, make sure that you call them to talk to them about your side of the story. Don’t be afraid to call and review your statement to make sure that there are no mistakes.

Seek medical attention as soon as you can, even if you don’t feel like you need to. Most people who have been in crashes often feel fine due to shock. When that wears off, your true injuries will show up.

Though you may just want to go home if you have been hit by a car or another vehicle, that is often not the best move. As soon as you are able, you need to get out of the way so that you don’t get hit again (or cause another accident). Try to talk to the driver and get all of his or her information. When the police come, make sure that you always cooperate. As soon as possible, make sure that you get the medical help that you need. Not only should you get checked out (in case your injuries are not noticeable), it can also help your case.

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Posted  by Rogosheske, Rogosheske & Atkins