5 Tips If You’re in a Car Accident in St. Paul

It’s a crisp fall day in St. Paul. You’re enjoying a ride in the cool autumn sunshine. You have the windows down and the sweet breeze relaxes the tension of a busy week. Without any warning, the car in the lane beside you swerves over into your lane suddenly without looking. Your car is knocked across the highway several feet into oncoming traffic. You hear the crash and thud of another hit from behind and you lurch forward. As your car rolls over on its side, you realize you are now on the side of the road. Still conscious, you reach up to feel a slight trickle of blood on your forehead.

Each year, approximately 30 million people are injured in car accidents. Almost 1.3 million dies of automobile accidents every year. If you are one of the unfortunate victims of a car accident in St. Paul, here are 5 things you should do.

Remain calm

This sounds easier said than done, but it is best to try and remain as calm as possible. If you start to panic, you may hyperventilate, have a panic attack, and pass out. Or you could go into a state of shock. This could be extremely serious. Try to inhale deeply through the nose and exhales slowly through the mouth to relax your nerves and bring your heart rate in control. Remember that if you are conscious you are still alive and help will soon be there.

Wait for help

If you were in a bad accident, you may not be in any shape to move. Actually, if you feel any pain trying to move, then you shouldn’t try to move because it could make things worse. Someone will likely call the ambulance workers who will carefully extract you from the vehicle and put you in the ambulance. They will determine the extent of your injuries and whether you are able to safely move around. The best thing you can do is wait for help to arrive so that you can be transported to safety.

Speak to police

When the ambulance arrives, the police will arrive also. When they do, give your statement to them right away while you have an accurate memory of the incident. If possible, check with other witnesses who saw the accident and ask them to corroborate your story.

Get checked out

Even if your accident was only moderately bad, you need to be checked out by a physician. There may be internal or other injuries that you can’t see with the eye but are there nonetheless. In addition, if the hospital sends you home and says you are alright, keep an eye on how you feel in the next several days and weeks. Some symptoms can be delayed such as back and neck pain. If you begin to have any new symptoms that come out of nowhere, let your regular doctor know about the accident and what you’re experiencing.

File an insurance claim

You will need to contact your insurance agency right after the accident. Begin the claim process for damages to your vehicle right away as it can take time to process.

Seek legal help

It’s important to contact an attorney after a car accident so that you can explain your case. Although your vehicle insurance may help cover some costs for damages, you have rights under the law for monetary compensation for your pain and suffering and any lost work. In addition, medical fees may be completely covered.

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