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Recent Cases

State v. T.S.

Original Charge: Felony Destruction of Election Materials

Case Date: 9/30/2014 - 9/25/2015

Final Result: No Executed Jail Time

Facts: While serving as a town supervisor, client was accused of improperly destroying ballots following an election for one of the other two supervisor positions. Other town officials pushed to have him removed from office and convicted of the felony charge carrying a maximum penalty of 366 days in prison. Following trial and appeal, attorney Alex Rogosheske convinced the Court to depart from the State's suggestion and sentence the matter as a gross misdemeanor. The departure allowed our client to remain out of jail and retain his status as a town supervisor and non-felon.

State v. D.E.

Original Charge: 3rd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

Case Date: 9/10/2015 - 12/10/2015

Final Result: Acquitted at Jury Trial

Facts: Client was charged with 3rd degree Criminal Sexual Conduct for allegedly forcing his girlfriend to have sex with him while the two lived together. Committing such an act carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison and up to a $30,000 fine. This case led to a three-day trial in which the accuser, law enforcement officers and our client testified to conflicting accounts of the night in question. After attorney Alex Rogosheske argued that apologetic text messages to the accuser had nothing to do with any alleged sexual misconduct, the jury found our client not guilty.

State v. J.R.

Original Charge: Disorderly conduct

Case Date: 7/25/2016 - 10/3/2016

Final Result: Case Dismissed

Facts: After a four-person fight at his workplace, our client was one of two participants charged with Disorderly Conduct for participating in a brawl. With only conflicting witness and participant accounts of what took place, the State decided to drop the charge and dismiss the case. Both our client and his attorney, Alex were extremely pleased with the result of this case.

State v. J.P.

Original Charge: Felony Domestic Assault

Case Date: 1/1/2016 - 6/29/2016

Final Result: Reduction of Charges

Facts: Client was charged with Domestic Assault for breaking a glass door during an argument with his wife in their home. This crime was charged as a felony based on our client's prior Assault convictions, facing him with a maximum penalty of up to 5 years and a $10,000 fine. Attorney Alex Rogosheske argued that the facts in this case demanded a less-serious punishment than a felony conviction, and instead suggested a resolution requiring only an admission of guilt and some community service. The Court granted the departure request and even modified the no-contact order to afford our client freedom to see and spend time with his children.

State v. T. W.

Original Charge: 2nd Degree DUI

Case Date: 12/14/2015-6/29/2016

Final Result: No Further Jail Time

Facts: Client was charged with 2nd Degree DUI after police stopped her for speeding. Her recorded blood alcohol concentration at the time of her arrest was more than twice the legal limit, and it was her second offense of this nature within 10 years. Being convicted of such a crime generally requires additional jail time. Upon her voluntary completion of rehabilitative measures, her attorney, Alex Rogosheske, reached an agreement requiring only a brief period of electronic home monitoring and administrative probation.

State v. J.H.

Original Charge: 2nd Degree DUI

Case Date: 3/31/2016-10/5/2016

Final Result: Vehicle Returned to Owner

Facts: Client’s car was forfeited following a guilty plea to a 2nd Degree DUI. In the civil proceedings that followed, attorney Alex Rogosheske successfully reached an agreement returning the vehicle to its owner.

State v. T.A.

Original Charge: Two Counts of Felony Theft

Case Date: 4/1/2015-10/29/2015

Final Result: No Further Jail Time

Facts: Client faced two counts of felony Theft for allegedly stealing over $45,000 from his former employer: a non-profit professional organization at which he served as Executive Director. His attorney, Alex Rogosheske, successfully negotiated a deal in which our client paid only a fraction of the alleged losses in restitution and served no additional jail time. Both Alex and our client agreed that this agreement allowed the greatest chance for rehabilitation and future success.

State v. R.B.

Original Charge: 2nd Degree DUI

Case Date: 3/10/2015-8/13/2015

Final Result: Reduction of Charges

Facts: When stopped for a third DUI in his lifetime, client refused to submit to a breath test and was subsequently charged with a Gross Misdemeanor. His attorney, Alex Rogosheske, reached an agreement with the State that only required a plea to a Misdemeanor 4th Degree DUI and a short administrative probation term.

State v. A.B.

Original Charge: Negligent Fires & Public Nuisance

Case Date: 9/11/2014-8/3/2015

Final Result: Stay of Adjudication

Facts: Following an incident in which he allegedly set fire to his apartment, our client was charged with two misdemeanor crimes. His attorney, Alex Rogosheske, came to an agreement with the State to drop the Negligent Fires charge and allow the Public Nuisance charge to be dismissed following only a year of administrative probation. Our client never had to appear in court and both he and Alex were extremely pleased with the resolution.

State v. S.E.

Original Charge: 2nd Degree DUI

Case Date: 9/21/2015-9/29/2016

Final Result: Reduction of Charges

Facts: Client was charged with a 2nd Degree DUI following her arrest while leaving the State Fairgrounds. After attorney Alex Rogosheske informed the State of his intent to challenge a number of issues regarding the Arresting Officer’s conduct, the two sides reached an agreement reducing our client’s charge from a Gross Misdemeanor 2nd Degree DUI, to a Misdemeanor 4th Degree DUI. Additionally, the misdemeanor resolution still allows our client to challenge the proposed length of her license revocation.