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Hiring a St Paul DWI Lawyer Helps Protect Your Job

St. Paul Criminal Defense Lawyers One of the first things that crosses your mind after you get arrested for DWI in St. Paul is whether you will be able to save your job. There will be a period of time between when you get arrested and when you get your day in court. Some employers… Read more »

St. Paul Sex Crimes Lawyer: How a Pending Sex Charge Impacts Your Life

Minnesota Criminal Sexual Conduct Lawyers Being charged with a serious crime involving sexual activity is not something everyday citizens encounter. According to Minnesota Statute 609.342, a person could be found guilty of criminal sexual conduct in the first degree by having sexual penetration with another person or sexual contact with a person under 13 years… Read more »

What Should You Do If You Are Bit By a Dog?

The truth of the matter is that there are more than three hundred and fifty thousand dog bites that get treated in emergency rooms every year. These bites can be very serious. In fact, thirty-nine Americans were killed last year for this very reason. Most people panic when they are bitten by a dog. However, you need… Read more »

5 Ways an Accident Lawyer Can Help You after an Accident

St. Paul Accident Attorneys Working For You If you’ve recently been in an accident involving motor vehicles, whether cars, motorcycles, car/pedestrian, or another situation, you may be trying to determine whether you need an attorney. We strongly recommend you hire an attorney; here’s why: To handle the insurance company. Insurance companies are notoriously stubborn about… Read more »

Defending an Eden Prairie Officer Accused of Falsifying a Search Warrant

In 2015, conducting an investigation of a drug case, Officer Travis Serafin of the Eden Prairie, Minnesota police, obtained a search warrant to search the home of suspect, Timothy Holmes. The search uncovered a large quantity of drugs in the home and in Holmes car as well. Did the officer falsify the search warrant? Subsequently,… Read more »

Exactly What Is The Me Too Movement?

Me Too. It’s an acknowledgement–for just about anything–that you share a common experience with someone else. Me too means that you hated finger painting in kindergarten, or that high school chemistry was your greatest enemy, or that you love the Red Sox. A simple two word phrase that connotes, “I get you, we are kindred… Read more »

Minnesota Supreme Court To Hear DWI Vehicle Forfeiture Case

The Minnesota Supreme Court has added a DWI vehicle forfeiture case to its October 3, 2018 Calendar. Olson, et al v 1999 Lexus, etc. is a high-profile law enforcement/criminal defense attorney showdown. It will likely draw the attention of criminal attorneys across the state and anyone who was ever forced to forfeit their vehicle to local authorities…. Read more »

What To Do When Someone Told Lies in Your Criminal Case

People tell lies all the time. Some tell white lies to make others feel better and others tell malicious lies to make others feel bad. However, if there is one place to never tell a lie of any kind, it is on the stand in court where you are bound by oath to tell the… Read more »

When a Minnesota Traffic Offense Becomes a Felony

For many traffic offenses, it should be expected for them to translate into misdemeanor level criminal charges with minimum, but still stiff punishments. However, many who commit a traffic offense think felony charges are reserved for murder or other serious crimes. Yet, any traffic offense can become a felony if serious enough and you face… Read more »