9 Tips for Finding the Best St. Paul Criminal Lawyer

Whether you are charged with DWI, theft or some other crime, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to work on your behalf. The number of criminal lawyers in St. Paul can feel overwhelming. How do you know which lawyer is right for you? How do you decide who you should trust with your case and the consequences of its outcome?

We understand it’s hard to select the best attorney for your situation, so we’ve created nine tips for finding the best defense attorney for your situation.

All Experience is Not the Same

An estate planning lawyer with 10 years of experience is not the same as a criminal lawyer with experience defending people with charges similar to yours. If you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer in St. Paul, make sure he or she specializes in your charges.

Trust Your Feelings

Schedule initial consultations with criminal defense lawyers who appear to meet your criteria. Ask yourself how this prospective lawyer makes you feel. Choose a lawyer who acts as your advisor, taking the time to explain each of your options and then allowing you to decide which option you want to take. If feel wary of your lawyer or he or she pressures you into which decision to make, choose someone else.

Look for Confidence

Avoid arrogant lawyers like the plague. When defending criminal cases, there is always an element of the unknown. No lawyer can guarantee a specific outcome. Your criminal defense lawyers should build a strong case through extreme diligence and preparation. Do not choose a lawyer who fills your head with promises they cannot possibly guarantee.

It Takes a Village

We’ve all heard our mother or grandmother say it takes a village to raise a child. This sentiment rings true for criminal defense as well. It takes a strong legal team to prepare for your court case. You will meet the receptionist when you walk in the door. Before you leave, ask to meet the rest of the administrative staff, paralegals and other lawyers. Everyone should be courteous, respectful and professional.

Check References

The best criminal lawyers in St. Paul will have a reputation to match. Ask coworkers, friends or trusted associates which attorney they would recommend working with. Even the best lawyers have a few clients dissatisfied with their work. However, they should also have many more good recommendations than bad.

Does the Fee Check Out?

The more experienced your attorney is, the more he or she is likely to charge. If your lawyer’s fee is much lower or higher than other similarly qualified lawyers, find out why.

Choose a Lawyer With Passion

You do not want a lawyer who is representing you just to do their job. You need a lawyer who loves to practice defense law and protect people like you. Look for a lawyer who listens to your story, takes a genuine interest and wants to fight for you.

Does Your Lawyer Make Sense?

Lawyers may use legal jargon during the preparation of legal documents or in the courtroom. However, a good lawyer will take care to explain your situation and all your options to you clearly in terms you can understand.

Will They Take Time to Explain Your Options?

No decision relevant to your case should be made on a whim. The best criminal lawyer in St. Paul will explain each of your options from plea bargains to sentencing. Each decision you make comes with enduring effects, and you need clearly and thoroughly explained information to make the best decisions for your circumstances.

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