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Recent Cases

State v. P.G.

Original Charge: Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device

Case Date: 7/31/2013

Final Result: Case Dismissed

Facts: A University of Minnesota Police Officer issued our client a ticket for allegedly running a red light. Upon reviewing the Officer’s dash-mounted camera footage from the date of the ticket, attorney Alex Rogosheske successfully argued for the case to be dismissed prior to our client’s court date.

State v. N.G.

Original Charge: 3rd Degree DUI

Case Date: 8/1/2015-12/11/2015

Final Result: Charges Reduced

Facts: Client was charged with Gross Misdemeanor 3rd Degree DUI following a traffic stop on his college campus. By encouraging him to address his reckless behavior with various educational measures, attorney Alex Rogosheske negotiated an agreement in which our client pled to only a Misdemeanor 4th Degree DUI.

State v. J.G

Original Charge: Felony Drug Possession, 4th Degree DUI

Case Date: 1/29/2014-11/3/2014

Final Result: Stay of Adjudication, No Further Jail Time

Facts: Client struck another vehicle with her car while exiting a parking lot, and was subsequently charged with 4th Degree DUI. When a number of prescription pills not belonging to our client were discovered on her person, the Officer decided to charge her with Felony 5th Degree Possession as well. Attorney Alex Rogosheske reached an agreement with the State keeping the felony off of our client’s record once she completed probation for the DUI.

State v. H.H.

Original Charge: 3rd Degree DUI & Possession of Marijuana in a Motor Vehicle

Case Date: 7/30/2013-4/18/2014

Final Result: Reduction and Dismissal of Charges

Facts: Charged with possession of marijuana and Gross Misdemeanor 3rd Degree DUI, her second in ten years, client hired attorney Alex Rogosheske. Alex successfully struck a deal with the State allowing our client to plead to just Misdemeanor 4th Degree DUI, dropping all other charges against her. Both Alex and our client were very pleased with the agreement.

CACH, LLC v. A.H. & D.H.

Original Charge: Judgements Against Clients Totaling $18,000

Case Date: 2/27/2014-3/27/2014

Final Result: Settlement Agreement for $7,500

Facts: Attorney Alex Rogosheske was retained in this collections matter by a couple facing $18,000 in costs for various lost judgements. Alex worked out a settlement agreement with the opposing party requiring our clients to pay less than half of what the opposing firm wanted.

State v. S. Y.

Original Charge: Careless Driving, No Proof of Insurance, No Driver’s License

Case Date: 5/2/2014-6/17/2014

Final Result: Continuance for Dismissal

Facts: Client was caught intentionally driving the wrong way on a one-way street by a nearby Officer and his dash-mounted video camera. Attorney Alex Rogosheske worked out a resolution with the State dropping all but the careless driving charge, and continuing that matter for dismissal at a later date.

Juvenile Case

Original Charge: Four Counts of Burglary, One Count of Arson

Case Date: 10/2/2015-2/23/2016

Final Result: Stay of Adjudication, Minimal Restitution

Facts: Twelve-year-old client faced five separate juvenile charges for approximately $7,500 in damages he and some friends did to a charter school. His attorney, Alex Rogosheske, convinced our client and his parents to begin the rehabilitation process right away. This forward-thinking compelled the State to afford our client a Stay of Adjudication for two of the counts, dismissing the other three, and requiring only minimal restitution for his involvement in the incident.

State v. J.S.

Original Charge: Misdemeanor 4th Degree DUI

Case Date: 3/29/2015-10/21/2015

Final Result: Reduction of Charges

Facts: After passing an Officer with his high-beams turned on, client was arrested and charged with his first DUI. Attorney Alex Rogosheske worked out a deal with the state in which our client pled guilty to a careless driving charge, served no further jail time, and received only administrative probation. Both Alex and our client were extremely pleased with this outcome.


Original Charge: Attempted First Degree Assault of a Police Officer

Case Date: 07/27/15 – 01/11/17

Final Result: Not Guilty on Both Counts

Facts: The police were called to the Defendant’s house for a 911 hang-up call. Believing that domestic assault had been committed on the Defendant’s wife, the officers sought out and searched the Defendant who was in his back yard with a loaded Russian Caliber 30-06 with a scope. The police officers subdued him and arrested him charging him with intentionally attempting to commit great bodily harm on them by shooting them while they were entering his back yard. After a six-day trial, the jury found the Defendant not guilty on both counts involving both police officers. The jury was out for only 35 minutes.


Original Charge: DWI - 3rd Degree – Gross Misdemeanor

Case Date: 05/13/16 – 01/17/17

Final Result: Case Dismissed on Motion to the Court

Facts: The Defendant was arrested in the City of Hastings for driving while under the influence with an aggravating factor of a .16 blood alcohol or greater. Based on our investigation, it was determined that the Defendant was on private property entering onto a public roadway. Since the officers only reason for stopping the Defendant was a failure to signal based on previous appellate litigation by our office, State v. Timmerman, one is not obligated to signal a turn coming out of private property. The case was dismissed and the charges dismissed against the Defendant.