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Reasons You Need a Lawyer For A Drug Crime

When accused of drug crimes, many people try to save money because they don’t feel like the charges are very serious. Instead of hiring a lawyer, they think that they can fight their own legal battles. However, that is not the smartest move.

Here are some reasons why you have to hire a lawyer if you have been accused of a drug crime.

  • Saying too much. Unfortunately, many people get talkative when they are arrested. They say too much, putting their future in danger. If you did talk when you were first arrested, you will need a lawyer to dismiss anything incriminating that you might have said when you were anxious and not thinking clearly.
  • Mandatory minimum sentences. Most people don’t know that there are mandatory minimum sentences for each type of drug crime. Because of this, most people are not going to be able to get off with just a warning or a smaller sentence, without some legal guidance.
  • Three-strikes laws. The three-strikes law can lead to life in prison without the possibility of parole if you are convicted of two other felonies prior to your drug-related one. The only chance you have of fighting the three-strikes law is by hiring a lawyer.
  • Other punishments. With a good lawyer, you may be lucky enough to escape jail time. Some lawyers are able to negotiate, allowing you to do some form of rehabilitation instead of jail. There are even times when your charges might be taken off of your record once you have completed the necessary treatment.
  • Harder fight. Lawyers, especially those who are experienced in drug cases, are prepared to fight for you. They will put up a vigorous defense to hopefully help you avoid jail time. Most people are not able to come up with the same defenses as experienced lawyers so it is important to have a good one on your side.
  • Not your first arrest. Each time that you are arrested, the punishment gets worse. In order to have a better future, you really need a lawyer on your side who will fight for you.
  • Drug trafficking. Drug trafficking is a serious crime. Many people don’t realize that, even if you aren’t selling drugs, you might still be charged with drug trafficking. It is even worse if you are caught in a public place where children are. If you are a public park or by a school, you are looking at more jail time and really stiff fines. For this reason, you need a lawyer to ensure that you are charged with drug possession instead of trafficking.

Though you might want to save money and not hire a lawyer, you are putting your own life in risk. A lawyer will ensure that you have the best possible outcome. This could mean a lesser charge or even a smaller sentence, if they are not able to get the charges dropped completely.

A good lawyer will work hard to try to keep you out of jail by discussing a good rehabilitation program. Judges and juries really want everyone to get the help that they need so if you are serious about recovery, you might be able to get help and stay out of jail.

After completing a rehabilitation program, your charge may even come off of your record. That alone is enough reason to hire a lawyer. Having a criminal record can make it that much harder to find and keep a job!

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