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More Reasons You Need a Lawyer For A Drug Crime

You might try to save money and not hire a lawyer if you have been accused of a drug crime. You don’t think that it is serious enough to have to hire a lawyer. Instead, you want to try to fight your own legal battles. This is not the best move that you can make.

Here are some more reasons why you have to hire a lawyer if you have been accused of a drug crime.

  • Facing federal charges. If you were charged with a federal drug crime, you are looking at a harder battle with harsher punishments. A lawyer who is skilled in drug crimes will help you through this time.
  • Major consequences. Even some of the smallest crimes can have major consequences. Not only will it cost you money through fines, you might have to worry about jail time and what a conviction could do to you. You might lose your job if you are put in jail for any length of time. It can also be hard to find a job once you are accused of a crime.
  • No guarantee. There is no guarantee that you can win your battle in court. You might be facing time in jail, as well as stiff fines if you are not careful. Do you really want to try to fight your own battle when you don’t know that you can win?
  • Overworked public defenders. If you are not able to get a lawyer or you can’t afford one, you will be given a public defender. Most public defenders are given more cases than they can handle, meaning that some cases will get their attention while others won’t get any. Unfortunately, drug cases are usually low on their priority and you may not have any legal help, unless you hire someone.
  • Best outcome. By hiring a lawyer, you are more likely to get the best outcome possible. An experienced lawyer may be able to get your sentence decreased to something less damaging. If not, he or she will be able to secure a better plea bargain for you. You may be facing less fines or even less time in jail, making a lawyer worth every penny!
  • Keep your own property. In many states, law enforcement can take your property if they believe that you used it to commit a crime. They can even take something that was bought with illegal money (money you may have received due to selling drugs). This can include your car, money, or even your home and this process is called “forfeiture.” In order to keep all of your prized possessions, you need a lawyer who is on your side. If you get a “notice of intent to seize,” you need a lawyer now before you lose everything! A good lawyer will help you keep your things, even if they are already taken or you are convicted of a crime.

Though you might want to save money and not hire a lawyer, you are putting your own life in the hands of yourself or even an overworked public defender. Instead, you need to hire a good lawyer to give you the best outcome possible. If he or she is unable to get your charges dropped, you may walk away with a lesser charge or even a smaller sentence.

If you own anything of value (like a car or a house), you need a lawyer. If not, you stand to lose everything that you have. You shouldn’t leave your fate up to others.

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