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It helps after you’ve been accused of a crime to step back and review the entire scenario. You wouldn’t find yourself charged with assault unless you had gotten into a difficult situation in a public or private place. We like to think that most people would make better choices and avoid difficult situations if they truly anticipated the consequences of their actions. However, it has been our experience that people will find themselves in tumultuous disputes with others, and these usually evolve in the heat of the moment. While some assault crimes result from a person’s premeditation, others occur when people react to stressful events. When we seek to help clients defend charges of assault in the state of Minnesota, we try to understand their motivations so that we can effectively dispute the prosecution’s assertions if the case goes to trial.

What are the Facts of Your Case?

Once you’ve been arrested for a crime, you should find a reasonable resolution and try to avoid jail time and any marks on your permanent record. We want to take a moment to explain that there are many different kinds of assault charges that defendants can be accused of. There are actually five degrees of assault as well as domestic assault. When we review the facts of your case, we usually find that the arresting officers have misinterpreted the details of the dispute between two or more parties, and their preliminary investigation compels them to take one party’s side over another. Because the different parties in the dispute have allowed their emotions to escalate, it is challenging for an arresting officer to make an accurate evaluation of what took place prior to his arrival. What’s more, it’s only human that the people who were parties to an event will employ protective measures to prevent themselves from going to jail. You cannot assume that witnesses, even family members, will give accurate information to officers of the law, prosecuting attorneys, hearing officers, or judges in ways that will aid your defense. You can only count on your legal advisors to aggressively represent you in the courts.

Focus on the Big Picture

If you were charged with assault, it’s tempting to blame what happened on the arresting officer or the person who’s the presumed victim in your case. Such reactionary thinking will not help you to secure a positive result. When you come to us for legal representation or a free consultation, we will help you focus on the big picture. The most serious cases of assault involve the defendant inflicting great bodily harm on another, but this is the first degree level of an assault crime. It is the hardest to prove and will require the prosecuting attorney to establish a clear motive for why you would hurt the victim. We have taken many cases involving different degrees of assault to trial and vigorously defended our clients, demanding that the courts show how a person is guilty of a crime. While your charge may be first-degree assault at this time, there are legal actions we can take to have the charges reviewed prior to trial. We hope that you will sit down with us for a free consultation and discuss the events surrounding your arrest.

We Care About Your Legal Rights

We know that emotional situations can create such tension that people begin to act differently than they normally would, but it’s also very common for law-enforcement officers to make something more out of a situation than was truly necessary. We understand that you are worried about serving time in jail and not being able to provide for your family. Let us discuss how we can obtain witness statements and other pieces of evidence to help you maintain your innocence when you get your day in court. Our staff will also work out a retainer fee and a payment plan that are right for your finances.

Information about your criminal assault charge is confidential, and it’s very important to us. For help with your assault charge in St. Paul, please contact us today.

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