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What Should You Do If You Are Bit by a Dog?

The truth of the matter is that there are more than three hundred and fifty thousand dog bites that get treated in emergency rooms every year. These bites can be very serious. In fact, thirty-nine Americans were killed last year for this very reason.

Most people panic when they are bitten by a dog. However, you need to be able to think quick. Here is what you should do if you are bitten by a dog.

Stay calm. Most people panic when they get bitten by a dog. However, that doesn’t help the situation at all. You need to get yourself to a safe space and breath in and out until you are able to calm down.

Make sure that you wash the wound right away. Even if you only have access to soap and water, you should clean the wound right away. Dog’s mouths are filled with bacteria so you need to make sure that you avoid the germs as much as possible.

You should seek medical attention, no matter how insignificant you feel the bite is. It is important to call your doctor or go to the emergency room to get the bite wound checked out. They will make sure that you get the treatment that you deserve to make sure that you aren’t seriously injured. If it is serious, they will do everything that they can to make sure that you heal as well as you possibly can.

Make sure that you get the owners information right away. You are going to need to be able to contact the owner so you should get their name, address, and phone number so that you can call them if you have any problems.

Even more important, you need the dog’s information. Besides getting the basic information (name, age, and sex), it is even more important to find out if the dog was up-to-date on his or her rabies vaccination. You may also want to call the veterinarian to double check this information.

This may be the difference between a simple dog bite and a rabies problem. If the dog is not vaccinated against rabies, you may find yourself going through post-exposure vaccinations and the dog itself may need to quarantined or euthanized to be tested.

Talk to a lawyer. If you have been bitten by a dog, you should contact a lawyer. He or she will be able to discuss your case to see whether or not you really have one. Then, he or she will be able to talk to you about your options so that you can figure out how you want to proceed.

Though you might only consider a lawyer if you are seriously injured and are missing work, you might be able to get some compensation no matter how badly you were bitten.

If you were bitten by a dog, there are certain things that you must do. First, you need to clean the wound as good as you can until you are able to seek medical attention. Once you are at the doctor’s office or emergency room, you should listen to their advice.

It is almost even more important that you make sure that the dog was vaccinated for rabies. It doesn’t hurt to check with the veterinary hospital, just to make sure. If the dog wasn’t, you might have to go through post-exposure treatment.

You also should talk to a lawyer, even if you think it is pretty insignificant. You might have a case, even if you don’t think that you do.

Contact us for all of your legal needs. We would be glad to talk to you about your case and help you get the compensation that you deserve.

Posted  by Rogosheske, Rogosheske & Atkins